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Easy to play, challenging to master !

MiniMaster FOOTBALL combines skill, tactics and chance to re-create the drama and excitement of “the beautiful game” at 1:8 scale.

The centrepiece of the game set is the finely detailed MiniMaster Footballer, a 9"/22cm figure with a fully articulated, lever operated kicking leg. To take a shot position the player by the ball, line up the kick, pull the lever, and the powerful kicking leg will shoot the ball up to 12ft (4m). Remember though, just like real Football, the skill required to produce an accurate shot is a combination of good technique and the right power ....... which takes practice to master !

The MiniMaster Footballer is THE FIRST EVER KICKING FIGURE TO GIVE PLAYERS TOTAL SHOT CONTROL and is uniquely multifunctional :


  • TO PLAY: It attaches to an Action Wand with a pull lever in the handle. Players take shots by pulling the lever to operate the kicking leg.


  • TO DISPLAY: Between games it can be mounted on a stand and enjoyed as a display item.


  • TO CUSTOMIZE: It’s plain white kit can be custom hand painted in any team’s colours. (Paints & Brushes not included)










FOUR FANTASTIC REAL ACTION GAMES can be played by one or more players :



  • Attach the Target Screen to the Goal frame then spin the Gameboard Pointer to determine which holes to aim for.
  • Points are scored by successfully shooting penalty kicks through the target holes.
  • Hole sizes are graduated to increase the level of difficulty.
  • Smaller holes = higher points.







  • Use the Gameboard Spinner to set the position of each kick then try to hit the Crossbar.
  • Points are awarded in accordance with the Gameboard for each shot that hits the Crossbar.



  • Spin the Gameboard Pointer to determine the angle and distance from which each kick must be taken.
  • Place the Defensive Wall midway between the position of the kick and the goal, then take the kick.
  • Points are awarded for each goal scored as shown on the Gameboard. As Player skills improve the level of difficulty can be increased by attaching the Target Screen to the Goal.




  • Put your imagination to work by positioning obstacles to shoot over/under/around to create a Footgolf course in any indoor space.
  • Use a small container/plantpot to create a 'hole' for the final chip shot.
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Box Contents

  • 1 x 1:8 Scale MiniMaster Footballer with realistic kicking leg
  • 1 x Action Wand with pull-lever handle
  • 1 x Eye2Ball shot training aid
  • 1 x Goal with net (W)70cm x (H)30cm x (D)15cm
  • 1 x Target Screen
  • 1 x Gameboard with spinning Pointer
  • 1 x Anglefinder/Defensive Wall
  • 5 x Lightweight Footballs
  • 1 x Marker Tape (4m)
  • 5 x position Markers
  • 1 x Display Stand
  • 1 x Instructions

Price : Only £29.95 (includes delivery)

MiniMaster FOOTBALL Video

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